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Imagine being locked in your office for 8 hours or longer each day without a bathroom break or any interaction with other people.

Just like you, your pup craves getting out for some socialization with other like-minded mates, getting some exercise, explore new parks, trails, and ravines throughout the city and have the ability to do his/her business when nature calls.

Exercising, Socializing and Learning (ESL) are the hallmarks for your dog’s mental stimulation and physical well-being. Good socialization should provide positive encounters for your dog. They will get to explore new areas and go, dog go or stop and smell the trees along the way. Your dog will benefit from having regular walking pals and making new friends each day. This all helps minimize any behavioral issues and helps keep them young at heart.

Group walks consist of a full hour on the trails, in the parks or up and down the ravines so that your four legged friend gets the exercise they need and have new adventures each day. Their care will always be our number one priority. Your dog can be walked on leash or off leash depending on their level of recall and the places that we explore that day. Alternatively you can request a private half hour walk on the streets in your neighborhood for your dog.

Trust Abarkabove’s team of qualified, caring walkers to introduce your furry friend to new people, places and pups. We’ll give your doggy the consistency they need by establishing a bond with their walker, setting a routine for pick-ups at similar times each day and include other pups in their group that they have a special friendship with.

1 –2 days per week - $20/walk

3-5 days per week - $18/walk

Call or text 416 806-7890 or email today to get started.

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Reliable puppy visits because your young pup has a tiny bladder and needs someone they can rely on to let them out consistently and frequently to begin with.

Generally people pick up their new best friend starting from about 7 weeks old and until they are close to 4 months old and can join in on our group dog walks, they need to get out usually twice per day to begin with and gradually move to one visit per day as they grow and their bladder size increases. Your young pup will be walked solo until they have all of their immunizations.

We will establish a pick up routine for your pup, with your input, and get them outside quickly for much needed relief and a wee bit or more of exercise, depending on the pup and their age. Some praise and a treat will always follow immediately after your pup does its business. This step goes a long way to letting your pup know to do his business outdoors.

We will also pick up any accidents your pup may have had inside and feed them any food or give any medications required. Seeing a friendly face in your absence helps minimize separation anxiety issues that your pup may be experiencing and get away from chewing, barking or other unwanted behavior that are best dealt with at an early age.

All the while, we’ll be making this a fun experience for your puppy and gently providing some early obedience tips.

Reliable Puppy Visits - $20/visit

Call or text 416 806-7890 or email today to get started.

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You come home from a grueling day at work with no energy to spare and find your best four legged friend greet you at the door with a wagging tail and a ball in mouth. He or she are super excited to see you but you don’t have the time to devote to their needed exercise and socialization. Turn to Super Doggy Daycare to take care of your dog’s needs and relieve your overwhelming guilt.

Your doggy will get picked up in the morning, stay with their walker all day long, go on at least 3 good walks on different trails, parks or ravines, meet old friends and make new ones each walk and every day, and get all the exercise a dog could ask for in a day.

This is ideal for dogs with high energy levels, ones who have any separation anxiety issues when alone, pups that need the interaction of others to keep boredom at bay and ones that need some little obedience tips from their walker so that they play well in the sandbox with others.

None of this being cooped up in a small daycare space with a couple of pee breaks or quick walks outside, this is the real deal for pups who want to Go Dog Go all day long and sleep like a baby all night long.

Rain or shine, heat or snow, we’ll be there and get your doggy out and to different settings each walk.

As you can imagine, this isn’t for every dog and space is limited, but we can determine this when meeting you and your pup for a consultation.

Super Doggy Daycare - $40/day

Call or text 416 806-7890 or email today to get started.

Dog sleeping on a bed

When you need to get away or your pup just needs some R&R, then it’s time for some TLC Dog Boarding (Tender, Loving, Care) from Abarkabove and some good, old fashioned home-style boarding with one of our walkers. Whether for a night, a week or longer, your pup will be free to roam crate free, get walked morning, noon and night, get fed at their regular times, give medications and always have water and a treat or two on hand.

There will be a maximum of 3 other dogs staying with them at one time to ensure that your pup gets plenty of attention. Your dog will go on group walks with their regular groups to maintain their routine of physical and mental stimulation while you’re away, giving both you and your dog peace of mind.

You supply the food, any special treats or medications they require and any bedding that makes your pup feel at home and we’ll take care of the rest. And remember our prices include pick up and drop off.

1 – 3 nights - $45/night

4 or more - $40/night

Rates for all of our services include pick up and drop off. HST extra.

Call or text 416 806-7890 or email today to get started.

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